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Bloggerstutor was launched on 18 June 2017 by Amit Kumar. My dream with this Bloggerstutor blog to provide each and every single topic on blogging, SEO, link building, marketing and other strategies for novice bloggers who want’s to start a career as a blogger and looking for blogging ideas. So that they can learn how to and where to start their career in blogging in a better way as a blogger.

How Bloggerstutor Help Bloggers?

Here we at bloggerstutor we cover all the scratch guide for every novice or Beginner started looking for those first step which changes their whole online blogging life. Here we bring you unique and detailed guides which help you to start your blog online and makes you a successful blogger.

To start Blogging we need proper guidance and perfect resources to learn each topic. Most of the Novice blogger start their career but after 6 months lack of knowledge, they lead to disappointment which results in unsuccessful blogging and ends their blogging career.

Here We at bloggerstutor we help each and every step in detail to how to start your blogging life and what required for your blogging career. we will share with guides, tutorials and podcast, and videos which help you in making successful blogger and How to earn money from your blog.

This blog mainly focuses on below categories:

  • Blogging Tips & guides
  • SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Traffic Building Tips
  • Webhosting
  • Make Money Online
  • Email Marketing
  • And much more

Meet Blog Founder & CEO – Amit Kumar

About bloggerstutor founder Amit kumar

Hello, It’s me, Amit Kumar. I’m a 27 yrs  Young (I’m not Old :P). I am a passionate full-time blogger and marketer from Himachal, living in Chandigarh, India. I always eager to learn new things over the internet and especially in blogging.

I am trying to put my whole effort to bring you a detailed new info related to blogging and how to start blogging journey.

What’s my future plan with this blog?

I want to create such a platform with this blog, that every newbie blogger gets every single information from bloggerstutor which helps him in a blogging career. it helps in resolving all issue they are facing for their blog or online career.

Thanks to all Readers who love my blog. I hope to build my career in Blogging with your continuous love, support, and care. I really appreciate you all for the efforts you pour to the growth of Bloggerstutor.

Once again hearty thanks to all for reading my thoughts.

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