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How To Start A Blog In 2020: Spark A Relationship With Readers

If you are passionate about blogging and and wondering How to start a blog and make money online, this in-depth guide will clear all your concern.

I am going to share you all secrets how to start blogging some bloggers and marketers hiding from you.

In this guide i will show you how you can start and create a blog in 2020. it’s been possible now within minutes of task you can start your blog.

We will going to discuss all important factor than ever to start your blog in a right way. the ultimate tip for a blog is a research.

It’s a “do it yourself ” method so be prepare to the amazing way to make successful blog.

HOW TO START A BLOG [Step By Step Guide]

STEP 1: how to pick a blog name

It’s an important question before start a blog you thought how to name a blog, right?

The name of your blog describes who you are. the Topics you are going to share with your readers on your blog in future.

It’s an estimate that over 500 million blogs on the internet and growing. It’s your turn now how to stand your blog between them.

Choosing a Blog name is very crucial role of your decision. your Decision help in marketing, branding and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Tip: You can also start with a dropped domains with Great Domain authority Read our Buying expired domains guide to impact seo.

Here’s a list ask yourself before choose a domain name!

Find a catchy custom domain name that your reader immediately understand what it’s all about.

Here i am gone a share with you some blog name generators that will going to help you to choose domain name.

Best Blog Name Generators for 2020

These blog name generators will help you use random words domain keywords you are looking for that you can start a blog.

1. Nameboy

Nameboy is one of the most popular and oldest blog domain name generator website available in market. it is easy to use and highly efficient to find blog domain name.

All you need to do is enter the desired keyword(s) around you looking for a blog name and click “submit” button. then it will use their Ai tool to generate awesome blog names based on your keywords.

Now you have hundreds of domains list on a screen. Now you have to find a perfect domain name from the list and if you don’t find your favorite name, then you can search again with using different combinations synonyms, and more.

2. Domain Wheel

It’s an awesome domain or blog name suggestion tool in the market. it will help you in identifying related domains for your desired keyword you are looking for.

How to choose a Good Blog Name?

A unique, memorable and short blog name contains important keywords related your niche. you need to choose a domain name something unique that reflects what’s your blog is all about and how your readers come to your blog in a future.

WHEN BRAINSTORMING A DOMAIN NAME, Here are 14 Best Practices for Buying A Good Blog Domain Name:

  • Always Stick with a .com
  • Use Related keywords in your Niche
  • Keep Domain name short
  • Easy to pronounce and spell
  • keep It Unique and Brandable
  • Avoid Hyphens
  • Avoid Doubled letters
  • Best place to Register a domain name
  • Act fast buy domain name before someone else take it
  • Research your domain name

Before Final making decision, a last step to choose before a good blog name is to use and research a social media profile checker tool knowEm. This will guide and provide you list if social media profile name already taken or not.

Most times we pick a domain name first and then we found that already picked social profiles by others. this will spoiled all planning and frustrates all of us.


In This Step, I will help you how to to choose and Setup your blog with Web hosting and configure WordPress a best blog CMS.

Buying Web Hosting and Installing WordPress

Its time to Buy best web hosting for your blog. Here your associated files, images and content will be host on these web hosting servers and served by them when users visit to your blog.

So pick up a good web hosting company for your blog is very important for you. if your hosting company is not good your blog will suffer and your pocket will too,  so you’ll make sure choose web hosting which provide good service and as well as top customer support.

I will refer only those web hosting which provide good services from a longer time and good pricing as well.

For most people who are beginners GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks is a lightning fast, Reliable and Eco friendly web hosting for WordPress.

Green Geeks one of the best web hosting company for WordPress. They Offers you Great secured hosting Environment at a special price of $2.95/mo. They offers you SSD, latest version of PHP, HTTP/2, and allows you access to several data centers. They continuously optimized to ensure 99.9% up time.

Choose Your Blogging Platform

WordPress is the No.1 Choice and Go-to platform for bloggers. WordPress is the First choice of bloggers over other blogging platforms. its rich features attracts to create a blog on WordPress.

WordPress choosing Reasons:

  • It’s Free to use by anyone( you just need hosting with cpanel control and One click install).
  • It’s super easy to use by beginners if you never built a blog before.
  • They are over thousand of free themes listed on WordPress. single click of installation.
  • All major websites running on WordPress.


Now you have chosen WordPress for your blog. Now, next part is to customize your blog with Best Theme and helpful plugin with features to make your blog successful.

Choose Best and Mobile responsive WordPress theme.

After Buying web hosting next step is to choose WordPress and Install WordPress theme in it. There are thousands of theme available in the WordPress store. but if you looking for good and Responsive theme and wants to go with a google webmaster guidelines I recommend you for buying premium theme.

Premium theme buying benefits is you get stable and all critical necessary updates over the time. Design really matters when choose a theme. user interact with your theme first and read content after it. so theme and its design really matters.

If you do research on google for best theme for blogs you will find Generatepress WordPress Theme is one of the lightweight and best coded theme under google webmaster guidelines. However you can customize it according to your usage and change your design as well.

Generatepress Theme Features

  • Super lightweight and fast with no jQuery dependency. its super easy to use. it’s allow to enable and disable its feature in customizing section.
  • Responsive, looks great across all devices.
  • Schema built in within theme for best google serps results.
  • Compatible with all most popular plugins
  • Tons of hooks and filters which make it great for developers to customize your theme according to you.
  • Don’t forget, you will get a 40% discount on renewals. So it gets a lot cheaper option to keep using GeneratePress for a long time.

Now first step is to Purchase a theme directly from the creators( it’s very easy to find pirated theme of it but i don’t recommend it). There is no guarantee it is clean coded otherwise your blog will suffer with google penalties and google will remove you blog from their search engine.

Generatepress provides yearly updates for free (Included in a package). It will cost you around $49.95. But if you Click Below and Buy you will get 20% discount offer.

Now that you have Generatepress theme, Now its next step is to install the theme and customize it .

Install Necessary WordPress Plugins

Now you have Installed theme now is to add WordPress Plugins. Plugins play important roles and certain features to your blog without mess with a code. You have to install necessary plugin to add lot of great functionality to your blog.

 Here are a few Plugins that I use with every new blog setup:

  • Akismet: It’s a No.1 Plugin to stop spam comments on blog.
  • Rankmath : The New standard WordPress SEO plugin compare to yoast. it provides more features than it. It’s pro Version Coming soon to launch.
  • WP Rocket: This is best WordPress Caching Plugin on the planet for WordPress. It’s a premium Plugin but it offers you valuable features to skyrocket your Blog.
  • Pretty Link Lite: It will help you Cloak ugly links and make them shorter. you can cloak your affiliate links with it.
  • Wordfence Security: WordPress website is one of the most attacked by hackers. it’s a open source system. so it’s important and necessary to install firewall on your blog. it’s a free plugin.
  • WP-Optimize: its WordPress and database optimizer. it will help you to optimize your database and others errors due to heavy loads of unnecessary resources.


In this step we will provide necessary steps to protect your blog from unwanted bots, crawlers and hackers which may slow down your website and hosting provider terminate your hosting due over usage of resources.

Please don’t skip this step! It will save your blog future issues.

Setup Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tool for blog

This is foremost part after establishing your blog online. The first is to create a google analytics account.It’s a industry standard reporting free tool for blog traffic and website reporting.

It’s provide powerful analytics for your blog. its provide your blog traffic details and how users visits your website and how much time spent on your blog.

Once you setup your free account, you’ll receive a tracking code of your website. you need to add code to your blog using plugin or you can add manually to your blog.

This feature will help you to find which blog posts and referral links users visits most of the time. you can check single page performance as well bounce rate of your blog.

The next step is to setup google webmaster tool for your blog.

This tool will help you with your content and your website accessibility and provides you important information Regarding your blog pages and post errors and you can submit manually your sitemap here.

Now in WordPress v5.5.1 Already included sitemap. so no need to setup sitemap. you can add Sitemap URL to the sitemap section of your Google Webmaster tools account.

Here you will get necessary information Regarding penalties and errors on your blog. you can correct them and follow all webmaster guidelines to index correctly all pages of your blog.

Blog Backup Security

New Bloggers Don’t even think about Backup. They only know about how to install WordPress and Write a blog post. And After several months of working due to some plugin errors or others issue their website crash and due to no backup their whole work spoiled.

Don’t do this, this is Important step to create timely backup your blog on weekly or monthly basis.

Why you Need to Backup your WordPress Blog

Let’s Gets started with a backup. There’s some time a critical problems came to your website when you will face errors and hacking attempts on your blog. Due to this you can completely lost all files on hosting servers and even access of your blog too.

So why this problem came to only your blog?

No, you are not alone. All major websites running on WordPress and bloggers uses This Content management system. Due to open source and famous its easy to target by hackers. Millions of attacks done on a daily basis on a WordPress.

I already mentioned above you can safe your website with login attacks and others threats with Wordfence plugin and its free of cost.

So it’s your Duty to keep safe your blog. for Beginners Updraftplus plugin will help you take backup of a blog with a single click.

Don’t Ignore WordPress Security

With Wordfence security you can stop complex and pattern attack on your Website. Now you can Leave them behind a firewall by Creating a Free Account on Cloudflare for new bloggers.

Cloudflare improves your website security at a server level.Their core function is to Improve the security. They take it very seriously.They stop and prevent automated attempts and malicious behavior came to your blog on a daily basis. You can learn more about CloudFlare security features in this article.


Before you start writing a blog post on a regular basis and you official launch your blog, you need to create a standard pages for your blog. it’s very important because it’s a top priority of a blog to mention about them first.

It conveys a trust, legitimacy and branding of your blog. these pages build overall trust.

Privacy,Disclosure and Comment Policy

If you looking to make money from blog, you will need these page as a basic requirement. In fact, google adsense program Requires these pages for a adsense terms and conditions.As an example, take a look at Abby’s “disclosure” page here: https://www.bloggerstutor.com/disclosure/

An Amazing “ABOUT” OR “ABOUT ME” Blog Page

It’s been seen when someone trust on your content and love your blog, they will like to know about you and like to follow you. How we would know about you. Here’s a about me page help him with related all Queries he or she looking for.

Checkout about us page of Woorkup


Contact Page

Sometime your Readers and fellow bloggers would like to connect with you. so they will connect with you via contact page.

You can create a dedicated contact page or embed with a form plugin to get in touch with you. its an easy task to embed and reader enter all necessary information and you will reply whenever you have a time.


In this important step we will look how to create a personal email address for your blog. You can create a business email within your cpanel control panel.

With your custom email address you can connect with your readers, other bloggers and built business and build trust for your blog.

Start Collecting Users Email Addresses

Keep Collecting emails from Day 1 from your blog. Growing Email list will Help you in future to connect with your readers for lifetime.

Why Do I Need An Email List?

  1. Traffic: Email is the Most important factor to drive genuine traffic directly to your blog. you can inform about your new blogs,new information you can share with your readers who trust and believe in you. you can make them permanent by creating a email list and share weekly basis sharing articles, deals and discounts.
  2.  Marketing: Email marketing Helps you to reach directly with the true audience. you can market new products with them and generate sales and earn money from blog.


Social media is the best way to share you content with genuine traffic who looking for it. it helps you to reach your content where search engines doesn’t work.

It build brand and Trust with your Readers. they will follow your page through connecting with you. I recommend you create 3+ social media channels profiles to connect with them like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn etc.


People Connect with you after reading your Blogs and Trust only if your blogs helps him in a problem on daily basis. This is very crucial part to Publish post regular basis and engage theme and solve their issues.

Publish Amazing Content On a Regular Schedule.

the most factor of blogging success by bloggers is posting a regular blog post and solve queries for users. he made a schedule regular post and never missed a post and write content as user intent what he’s looking for. if you want to be successful then you must follow this step to make a successful blog.

What Makes A Good Quality Blog Post?

User Intent Post: Posting a Great and long content is not important. the factor which is most important is what actually user’s looking for. if you post a content not according to user’s intent then user shift to another blog. there so many blog post written on a daily basis and index on google search engine.. he is searching for his queries.

so it’s important to write according to user intent what actually they looking for!

if you avoid it it can affect your ranking even on google. google will punish your website and don’t rank your post anytime.

Answer questions: Answer queries of your user’s in your content according to your niche and give priority toyour readers. Provide helpful and genuine resources to them.

Long posts are great: There’s no catch eye only posting engaging headlines. it’s only your words written in your blog post. You can write in-depth blog post but focus on writing each lines create a value to your user’s satisfaction. he loves to read and looking for information or query he came to your blog.

Headlines are key: Headlines is the first key which user see know about the topic. Audience first read your Headlines and looks then he came to your blog to find relative information.

Great images are necessary for social traffic: Only successful content won’t help you in succeed. Images play an important role, images changes whole scenario of your blog. Audience love images because images put great impact to user’s mind and direct connect with it. they direct connect with relative info and increase your blog dwell time as well.

Share Stories: Reader Loves to know and Read stories of successful bloggers. you can share with them your stories how you get success and tackle failures and build your blog as a brand and become successful blogger.

Solve your readers’ problems: Solve user’s problem is the top most priority of the blogger. Notice your readers comment and connect with them and solve their queries by posting a topics on it. write post according to user intent make your blog to success.


Whew! that lot’s of information i have shared with you and i will also share as new tips i face and describe in this post when it looks to add to my topic. I hope you like article about how to start a blog and become successful.hope you will work hard for your blog and make it successful and work on it.

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