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How To Start a fashion blog on a Budget from Scratch!

Hi, So finally you make a decision and looking how to start a fashion blog on a budget?. I will help you here all relevant points and make your decision complete within few minutes with me.

I am not only here discuss how to start a fashion blog? , I am also helps you how make it profitable in future as well. I Hope you are ready to know.

Why You Should Start a Fashion Blog?

There is only one reason because you are passionate about fashion and looking for one more step.

You are looking your own branding and establish your passion into work and get success.

If you are already related to fashion Industry! “then fashion related trends,design and styles which help you earn good money from your blog”.

You can promote and present yourself as a brand through your blog.

If you already from industry, you can connect with your followers and make good start within a days.

Learn Step by step how to start a fashion blog on a budget.

There are so many Reasons to start a fashion Blog.

1. Choose a Perfect Domain Name.

Define to perfect domain name means here is you need to focus a short name that relevant your industry.

Pick your name as a domain name. Always try to Pickup a .com domain name. It will help you branding later with your name.

make sure before picking your name as a domain please check social media name available. It help you recognize and promote yourself easier.

If you already choose a domain name make sure it is memorable for your subscribers.

2. Choose the best web hosting to host your fashion blog

We are Here looking to create a fashion blog, so it means lots of images to display in your post and lots of traffic.

Images is Number one reason to visitor looking for blog. your Images describes blog rather than your written post.

New beginners opt to cheap web hosting platforms and kill their blog with low resources. Their hosting provider stops their services to high resource usage.

Images takes around 1 to 8 MB of sizes so its uses how much server usage you can understand. I help you here.

It’s upon you from where you actually cover your target traffic? if you looking within US. you will go with a Inter server Hosting they have a good server and budget friendly for startups.

I recommend you for reliable, safer and faster hosting. if you are not take care of budget, then go with Siteground Web hosting.

I am currently Using Inter server Hosting service.

With a 5$/month Hosting plans offer you can start your fashion blog on WordPress. I am also using from last 2 years and find no issue till date.

Millions of hosting owners using their service and find no major issues.

Interserver features include the following:

  • 50% server capacity
  • Ultra high SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Ultra-Fast Web Server lite speed
  • Global Content Caching
  • Inter shield Protection

3. Set up WordPress with the Wonderful theme + plugins

Once you have Installed WordPress on your Web hosting server. The next things important things is installing a perfect theme.

Blogs design is which attract visitors eyes and stay on website, so blog design is foremost need.

If you Don’t care about optimized, clean and responsive theme in 2020 your blog will suffer in future.

Make it sure your blog would be search engine friendly and i would recommended only well coded theme.

I prefer themes like Generatepress theme, elegant themes and themeisle themes. These developers focus on providing good themes.

There are a few Good fashion blog themes which I can suggest you here but before that let me tell you the Few things which you keep in your mind while purchasing a theme – 

  • Make sure it is lightweight and very good schema coded and easy to use.
  • check if its compatible with your latest WordPress version and developers provides updates for theme regularly.
  • Check your Theme is responsive or not.

Optimizing Your Fashion Blog to Get More Visitors

After Installing a stunning theme, Your Next steps is to optimize your blog to make sure your blog post available to your readers and find you on google search engine.

Here I will tell you about how to optimize your content and ensures your visitors gets engage with your blog post.

Improve Website Speed

Most popular blogs already on google covers large portion of traffic. bloggers uses SEO, search engine optimization and optimized content and images for website for higher rankings.

WordPress already SEO Optimized out of the box. But, little more efforts you can do to further optimize it.

Follow my Step-by-step Guide to WordPress SEO for improving your blog.

Speed is the Important factor to search engine ranking on google now a days. if your website is slow. Google will throw out your website for top ranking it means no traffic.

You can make your website faster with little tweaks with your WordPress.

Must have plugins and tools for starting a blog

Rank-math SEO Plugin: This is New plugin highly Recommended for blog. if you Don’t Know how to optimize content it will help you in that department. Install this plugin and configure it before you make your blog live.

WP Super cache Plugin: you need fast loading website, so here caching plugin works like a charm for you.

Short Pixel images compressor: Image takes so much space on your server so it make page loading slow and your blog will suffer. it will optimize your images and it provides new .webp compression format for blog.

Here are a few more essential plugins for fashion blogs.

  •  Social Warfare – Social Sharing
  • Instashow 3.0 – Instagram Feed
  • Disqus – Comments & Audience Builder Plugin
  • Article Templates
  • Gravity Forms – Contact & Lead Forms
  • WP Polls

Setting up social media profiles

After setting successful blog, Next steps is to setup social profile. it lot matters in fashion industry. Audience always looking to new trends, styles for fashion and follow their influencer.

Try to pick name as per your domain name as it remember easily for your audience to find easily on social media.

Pick all popular social media channels. it’s very important for your further progress.

You can check below social media profile of top fashion blogger on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

What have I just finished eating? 🥰

A post shared by Chiara Ferragni ✨ (@chiaraferragni) on

Chiara Ferragni (17 M+ followers)

Start Making Money from Your Fashion Blog

The final part about How to start a fashion blog on a budget from scratch is to make money from it finally.

Ever you thought about how fashion bloggers afford clothes, makeup and all the accessories they share through social media and blogs with you.

Actually, they Don’t have all that stuff all the time. Most successful bloggers you see on social media promotes sponsored products and make a video on it and brand pay for them.

Most successful bloggers revenue came from the sponsored and paid content. brand approaches them as per their subscribers base and social media activity.

Beginner’s Fashion blog making Money Tips

1.Display Ads Using Google AdSense

Most blog rely on the income of adsense through ads on their blog and generate revenue. Google adsense allow to display ads on blog and some few target click and impression generate revenue for small bloggers.

2.Selling Affiliate products.

You can start with amazon affiliate program and start promoting small range products and earn commission on selling.

Its a performance based marketing it means you only generate revenue when sale is confirmed.

3.Collaborate, sponsored and paid reviews

Bloggers Collaborate with brands and make a sponsored videos for their product and make a review. it helps generate revenue from theme.

Brands get reach to loyal customer base through bloggers and they also generate revenues.

4.Selling Own Products.

If you have gained a good subscribers base and they trust you, you can sell your own products easily. you can turn visitors into customers easily.

Top 5 Fashion Blogs Examples to Follow in 2020

Fashion industry is a Billion Dollar industry and in future it will be growing. According to shopify Report.

So it’s a right time to start a fashion blog as you see how it’s growing industry. Here are the top 10 fashion blogs that are going to inspire you in 2020.

1.Jaime Xie : If you feel inspired by high fashion style and awesome looks, Jaime is Originally from a small town called Atherton, near San Francisco. Do you feel inspired yet? View Jaime’s photos, read her blog.

View this post on Instagram

‘Tis the season for big coats 💗

A post shared by JAIME XIE (@jaimexie) on

2.Alissa Wilson – Stylish Curves : a plus size woman, Alissa Wilson knows first-hand, more or less. she is from a Brooklyn, NY, has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and always dreamed of becoming a writer in the fashion industry.Do you feel inspired yet? View Alissa blog

3. Lilia Kazakova – Lilylikecom: As an online entrepreneur, Lilia Kazakova running a successful YouTube channel.Originally from The Netherlands,She independently moved to Los Angeles.

4. Girl with curves : Tanesha Awasthi (“Girl with curves”), a licensed esthetician and multiracial American, started her award-winning blog in 2011.

5.Jenn Im: Jenn Im started her YouTube channel in 2010 (previously called Clothes Encounters). She was born and raised in California as Korean American.

How do fashion bloggers get paid?

Fashion Bloggers make money through sponsored content, paid reviews and affiliate marketing products and selling them.
Using AdSense kind of display ads.

What are the best fashion blogs to follow in 2020?

Jenn Im
Jaime Xie
Alissa Wilson – Stylish Curves
Lilia Kazakova – Lilylikecom
Girl with curves

How to promote your fashion blog?

You can promote your blog through Social media platform and youtube is the best option to engage visitors into subscribers.

Wrapping up

Anybody who wants how to start a fashion blog can start a blog now very easily. you can launch a successful fashion blog with a right target audience.

Know you can easily pick a domain name and hosting service for your blog.

Always look forward what your loyal target audience looking for. Always follow new styles, trends and engage your audience.

Your blog is the first impression so choose theme wisely. Always put good and engaging content and post good fashion related images.

add monetization methods for your blog through adense, paid reveiew and sponsoring products and focus on pros and cons of products to your loyal customers.

You can launch your own products as well on your blog and generate revenue from it.

Let me know if you have any questions related to fashion blogging comment below. i will help you in starting your blog setup.

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