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Update WordPress Plugin: The Worst Advices We’ve Heard

I am using wordpress from Last 9 years now. it’ awesome cms platform among in their categories. Even I can’t imagine to think without wordpress.

Today I will discuss why and how Update wordpress plugin and what measure’s you need to follow every time.

why i recommend my users to wait for update their wordpress plugins and themes to shift to new improved shiny version.

Trust me you will save your blog and time without stress.

Why Wait for update WordPress plugins and themes?

We love new updates when it arrives on our wordpress dashboard and we are so much excited to update.

Sometimes new wordpress plugin and theme updates provides new fixes, elements and upgrades. But, i request to never update!

Why, Because Developers who develop new themes and plugins is also a human. So mistakes is part of life, we learn and keep changes. Same here plugin sometimes create critical errors and our website generate some errors.

Sometimes some of the codes doesn’t work behind the wordpress theme and php errors occurs.

You Have see when developers launches new critical bug fixes updates for plugins in a short time. they actually help you to fix yours errors.

My recommendations for updating plugins and themes

So what’s the safest mode i can rely on wordpress plugin updates?

  1. Don’t Enable automatic updates

First step, Never choose automatic updates for your wordpress plugin. The one exception to this is when it Push for maintenance and security releases.

  1. Check Plugin/theme Changelog

Next time you always remember, new update issued check its details and changelog every time. Make your habit.You can found within the “Plugin” update section in the WordPress dashboard.

If there is a serious critical security update, then you need to update as soon as possible you have checked out.

Sometimes some bugs developer didn’t find during development like Cross-Site Request Forgery. That’s why, i recommend you waiting a week or so before updating.

  1. Use a Virtual environment or take a backup.

If you had already Know details about new updates and stressed about update right now, use virtual enviroment on your PC.

You can use Wamp server and check your compatibility and any negative effect on your website. or you can use staging environment webhosting like kinsta offers.

  1. Never Use Nulled or free GPl plugin/themes

New bloggers attract to fremium plugins available on the internet. They think they got it for free but actually they prone to malware and in future their blog will suffer.

Should I Update Plugin?

yes of course, wordpress plugin likes an app for website which provide functionality.

You should always keep plugins up to date to ensure no hacking or malware spreading to your blog.

How to update your wordpress plugins manually

WordPress came with auto check update function. it automatically check new updates arrives on wordpress and shows you notification about to update your outdated plugins yourself.

These updates available for themes, plugin and wordpress core.

You can check yourself by visiting update section in your wordpress dashboard>>update page.

if there is a new update it will show you wordpress plugin update notification at top wordpress admin bar.

you can update plugins by visit plugin section in your page. click update now and it will automatically update the plugin. you nothing have to do.

Auto upgrade wordpress plugin

In WordPress 5.5 version, new functionality have arrived. you can set which plugin update itself. By default auto update is off. you have to setup one time.

wrapping up

Always make sure that you have setup an automatic backup plugin on your WordPress site. This will safeguard your website if it doesn’t work. You can recover your in zero downtime.

I hope this article helped you learn how to upgrade WordPress plugins. 

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1.Should I update My WordPress plugins?

Yes it offers you new functionality and improves your performance of wordpress website

2.How to update your wordpress plugin

You can visit plugin page of wordpress and options are available with notifications which plugins needs updates.

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