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Woocommerce Sales Funnel – Convert Sales With Spin To Win

Hi looking for your woocommerce sales funnel method to generate online sales conversion?

you can now share various discounts, rewards and special offers. This kind of spin to win optins reduced bounce rate and as well as engage customers to pick a nice offer and win.

woocommerce sales funnel plugin we are looking for?

In this Tutorial, we’ll discuss how you can easily add this spin to win optin to your WordPress website.

What is spin to win optin wordpress funnel plugin.

this woocommerce sales funnel plugins is a spin to win optin form or a discount coupon wheel.

It will add gamification to your website. customer can interact with it and play a game to win discount, offers, and coupons.

They will subscribe to offer newsletter or buy your products.

Other companies are using gamification woocommerce funnel plugin with great success:

  • After using points and badges to gamify their website, Verizon Wireless boosted browsing time by 30% among half their users.
  • Gamification funnel helped Volkswagen China’s crowd sourcing project go viral. As a result, they covers 33 million hits and nearly 120,000 ideas submitted.
  • Ford Motors increased sales by more than $8 million and got Facebook like by 600% woocommerce spin to win optin.

Ready to create a coupon wheel spin to win popup of your woocommerce website.

How to Create a Coupon Wheel funnels sale Campaign

Before you start, you will need to opt for optin monster. For access to spin to win optin coupon funnel, you’ll need to go with a growth plan.

All Signed up? Now simply go to start your campaign dashboard where you will need to click on create new campaign.

Next choose one of your campaign type, we here looking full screen.

Now you have to choose your favorite template of spin wheel coupon.

you will there are 3 templates showed on the screen go for it now.

we are going with a white blue wheel spin for this tutorial.

Now next step is to choose your campaign name that will help to remind you and choose your website you looking for.

Click start building and now you will be taken to the woocommerce sales funnel builder.

Design Your Campaign

As we told earlier this sales funnel builder campaign is fully customizable.

you can customize all the wheels offer with the editing tools on the left side available.

Even you change all of the wheel selections to customize discounts and coupons code.you can turn an option on or off.

Choose When to Show The Spin Wheel

Next now you need to select display rules for your wheel spinner.

Now go the “Display rules” Tab in the optin monster dashboard. Now you can select the options to display rules for your campaign setup by you.

you can use exit intent feature rule to set launch spinner again when user is looking to leave your website.

A winning discount will convince them to use their discount to convert sales and take profit to home as customer intention.

Here’s what the Display Rules look like:

Add email capture Integrations

To collect their emails, you will need to integrate email marketing tool service provider.

Here below you can see in a image, we are using constant contact as an example to show you how to connect with it.

From the Integration tab, click on the add new integration. Then you have to choose constant contact from the email service provider drop down list.

If you are a first time user with a constant contact,then you have to first register with them and click on their sign up page.

After registeration, you have to login to your constant contact account and choose allow.

Now you have to create an account label which you will have to remember for making a list.

Then, click on connect to constant contact.

Finally, now choose email service list campaign which you want to add new subscribers. constant contact default list is general list.

Now save your spin to win wheel campaign and you ready to go on.

Adding the woocommerce sales funnel Spin Wheel to Your Website

Now you have already created campaign and it’s almost ready to use and implement it.

Let’s add to your wordpress website.

First publish your sales funnel campaign you have created. from your optin monster dashboard, switch it to the publish and check the status it to live.

Click on save button to save your setting permanent.

so finally you have published your spin to win wordpress sales funnel for woocommerce store. To see live preview of a page you need to open your page on a incognito browser window.

I hope you like the article and would like to generate sales through this woocommerce sales funnel with spin wheel campaign.

For more Checkout this video how you can convert sales

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